Creators of the First Sustainable and Innovative High-performance compute in Sharjah.

Empowering universities to create real-world solutions, one challenge at a time.

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Sharjah's first democratised High Performance Data Centre


Al Hathboor FZC (AHB) is a Sharjah-based product development company located at the Sharjah Research, Technology, & Innovation Park. We specialize in technology transfer, aligning with the UAE’s goal of creating homegrown tech products and utilizing the talent from local universities.

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What we do

  • Tech Transfer – Turning academic research into commercially viable products with positive societal impact.
  • Machine LearningComputers learning and improving from data, without explicit programming.
  • Data ScienceUncovering insights and trends from complex data.
  • Deep Learning – Advanced algorithms modeled after the human brain, enabling machines to recognize patterns and make decisions.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Programs with the ability to learn and reason like humans.
  • HPCaaS -> MAAHR

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